Lights, Camera, College!

Before they were glamorous stars of stage and screen, these 10 current Oscar nominees were just college students honing their craft and living off of ramen noodles. Check out where each of these Academy Award contenders went to school and what they looked like back then!

Parental Controls and Resources

Parental controls do more than just block certain channels. They are meant to help parents make informed decisions about what programs are safe for younger viewers.As a parent, it falls …

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½ Season in ½ Minute – The Walking Dead Season 5.5

We’re halfway through the fifth season and it won’t take a minute to get caught up and prepared for the second half come February. We cover some of the highlights while leaving just enough out to keep things interesting in this quick little recap of The Walking Dead season 5.5!

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1 Season in 1 Minute – The Walking Dead Season 2

Season 2 of The Walking Dead ramps up the tension and the drama as the difference between living and surviving is explored with Rick and his group. Our recap covers some of the highlights while leaving just enough out to keep things interesting for anyone late to the party!

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The Walking Dead Season 5: Cannibals?

Ever wonder just what Rick and his group got themselves into at Terminus? The presence of meat and the piles of human bones do not bode well for our heroes. Could Rick and his group be the next item on the menu? Season 5 is almost here and we’re going to spend some time speculating on what Rick and his crew might be up against!

The Last Ship – Best Moments from Season 1

Part action and adventure on the high seas and part medical whodunit, The Last Ship follows the USS Nathan James on its post-apocalyptic journey to find a cure for the lethal Red Flu.